1959. Born in Tuna backar Uppsala, Sweden.

1960/1970s. Grew up in a big family and with older brother’s B & O stereo system in our cozy little apartment. Often hanged out on Tunet or Biblan and listened to Sweet, Black Sabbath vol 4, Slade, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. A school trip to London 1974 and a few hours on Carnaby Street gave many beautiful feelings and the music interests grew alongside Elton John, the music movie Tommy, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Eagles, Jackson Browne and many others.

1980s. Neil Young got into my life and there we go! His music knocked me totally and is still a great inspirator. Neils’ acoustic music influenced us to the mild degree that I and a friend took the train to Stockholm and bought a Martin Guitar, model D18! Which is

still a true friend of mine.

Neils´ and Bruce Springsteens concerts at Hovet in Stockholm will forever stay in my heart. Another real great inspirator is Jackson Brown. His performance 1982 in Stockholm is my life time concert best ever! This century I trevored on my Martin, but did not get anywhere. Three chords and a few appearances at company parties and some small local clubs. I had ideas but could not bring them well in their own compositions.

1987 my daugter Matilda was born

1989 my son Hannes was born

1991 my son Anton was born

1990s. More Neil, Bruce, Eagles, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and some small but rather brave attempts to deal with how to handle a Martin guitar in it´s best way. Begin cautiously searching for customized compositions like a Singer & Songwriter. Snatched me completely on Steve Forbert, a great artist and alovely story about his musical struggle from start to then!
2000-2001’s. Writing the first swedish songs and recording my first album ”Better Late Than Never” which nominated for ”Week’s Upland Artist” in Februari 2002.

2002-2011. The songwriting is gaining momentum and the english songs are coming closer to my heart.
2012. Finally I reached this point. My first english album ”B12 it’s getting better!” Recorded in Space Place Studios together with Mr Ulf Maighty Shadow Holmberg. Released in the beginning of the year 2012. Written in pure inspiration of all my early influences and with particular focus on finding a very kind of my own Neil Young style. 13 songs, all in rather different style. But with a common sound in all songs. The work of this album makes me start looking for my very own band to do live gigs. In the fall of that year 2012 I form SMCB, Steam Mill County Band. My first proposal for a band name was actually Ångqvarn. Swedish for Steam Mill. It was voted down by the boys in the band. I reconsidered it and came up with a translation of Grefvskapet Ångqvarn Band, ie  Steam Mill County Band.

2013. With the help of my band mates I developed a lot. As well as composer as singer and instrumentalist. This year I also return to my native language and wrote tribute songs to Uppsala. My beloved city. PL& SMCB released the first swedish album in November 2013. A tribute album in form of a maxi CD. The theme of the debute band album ”Steam Mill County Band” is about the City / Places / People. The songs had been tested for live audience earlier and I felt they were appreciated. Particularly the song ”Tuna backar”, a monumental tribute to that amazing district, was really appreciated by the audience.

2014. A good gig year with many beautiful music moments. My thoughts about the band’s next album”Min Stad” (”My City”) were growing and began to forms. 2014 was a great year for Uppsala. The popularity of the city was growing. To my great pleasure, we got gigs at Destination Uppsala and the Uppland Museum. That strengthened my belief in the ”My City” project, and the recording started at the end of the year.

2015. The production work with the ”Min Stad” (My City) was planned in details. Sponsors were offered to give a lot to got a lot back in this great venture at Uppsala. New songs came to me. The driving force was a combination of nostalgia, love bombing, industrial memories, children and youth friends, neighborhoods, the magic of the Fyris River, The inspirational Steam Mill County and much more. The music that I wrote and performed with the band or in some cases like solo cruising, duo or trio is always a nice mix of Neil Young, Eagles and Owe Thörnqvist !!
”Min Stad” (My City) was reviewed in local news paper UNT was amazing! An overwhelming fine review. UNT 20150805 wrote ”With glow like Springsteen”
This was also the year when I together with Uppsalafotografen Ernst Nilsson premiere what we called ”Uppsala in my heart” An appreciated combination of Ernst pictures and my music. We performed live at Mission Church in Uppsala.

2016. Successful gigs with SMCB, ”Summer Party on Hijazz”. On Swedens´ National Day June 6th, I released the new song ”Landet runt” (Country Around) on both video, Spotify and iTunes. We did two fantastic cultural night gigs at Uppsala City Archives. Here the music from ”Min Stad” (My City) really came true. The giant gig at Cousteau also goes to the history of bright concert memories! During that summer, I recorded some new English songs. I released them digitally on the album called ”Three Little Wishes”. I have always switch my composition language between Swedish and English. After three years with Uppsala music and other Swedish songs, it was really nice to write in English again. That´s a great way to keep up the brain! During autumn 2016 next recording project took place with SMCB.

In the fall and winter 2016/2017 I wrote new English songs for the PL&SMCB album ”Made In Tobo”. May 5-7th the whole band went together with the producer Markus Miljand

to Tobo. We spent two days in an absolutely fantastic and genuine environment. The Old Peoples´House in Tobo are in many parts untouched from 1944. The acoustics are amazing and we wanted to capture and reproduce that on all the songs of the record.

In spring 2017, Kim and I launched a parallel project we called WEST WIND. New songs in English that we wrote together. Very fun and developing. More about this project will come later. First, we will work on and complete the preparation for next SMCB record!

2018 is the year of my new founded WEST WIND FESTIVAL. A fantastic premiere took place at Hijazz Klubb in Uppsala, April 6-7th.

2019 recording and releasing ”Heartbreaking News” a tribute EP to Tom Petty. Nice reviews and song rotation on Sveriges Radio and some web radio stations i USA, Ireland, Italy and more! 

2020 writing and recording new songs. Digital release, Double A-side is a single with two A-sides. Zephyrus and Pieces Of a Man. Both are doing well on streaming media. Countinue writing, rehearsing and planning for the next album that goes under the working name ”The Road”. An exciting future is waiting a head of us all, in these challenging times of Corona! 

I would like to remind my child and youth friend Stefan Englund who was the one who got me up on a real stage. Stefan took me under his wings. He really believed in my solo disc ”B12 it´s getting better!” and I was lucky enough to get some of the songs with him and the band. The show 20120430 at Hijazz in my beloved hometown of Uppsala, I will not forget as long as I live! Thank you so much Stefan. This song is for you!
Start the player and listen to ”Like a rainbow” A tribute to Stefan Englund.



In December 2016 I started a parallel project ”THE SMARTPHONE SERIES”. These are the first songs in that project.


Live from Sound Level, Uppsala February 25th 2017

"The Sorrow Man" från dagens musikerträff på Sound Level. Supertack till Uffe Hedberg för filmningen!

Publicerat av Pelle Lundblad Lördag 25 februari 2017

THREE LITTLE WISHES Released in August 2016 on Amazon, 7digital, Deezer, eMusic, Google Play, Groove, iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, WiMP, 24-7

Buy the digital album Three Little Wishes here Available on iTunes buy-from-amazon get-it-on-google-play

This album is a solo project with three English songs . A mix of poetry , reality, fictional reality , dreams and other life content. Acoustic guitars , Martin D18 and Sundberg SJ,  Harmonica , Hohner Blue Sharp and singing in ADK – in microphone. Recorded in hemstudions GarageBand on an iMac. Mixed by Kim Westin. Mastered by Nicke Widén Studio Ljudo. Three Little Wishes was a wonderful project necessary for me. So artistically liberating to unwind all Uppsala Music that satisfied me the last three years , picking up English words again. A beautiful song writing language . Obviously no native language to me which of course can lead to an occasional room for mispronunciation , dangling modifier or other linguistic stumbling . You might well bear with it and see it as a spice from me in Sweden!Three Little Wishes_Cover