This is where the inspiration take place. In the middle of the heart in Uppsala you have it. We can call it Inspiration Square!

picture by Uppsala Photographer Ernst Nilsson

Oh what a nice gig at Bankiren in Västerås last Saturday. Everything well organized so nice crew and new band mates from Haywireband and Zin Creek. Perfect sound, light and stage. Dancing girls, happy people. So inspired I left without my winter boots. Walked out in the cold night with my Rockn´roll shoes on 

Glad to see an article in local paper Uppsala Nya Tidning, UNT. Writing some nice words about my new favourite WEST WIND FESTIVAL! 

I had a really good time at Engelen in Stockholm last Sunday. Invited to ”Swedish Singer&Songwriter”. Solo acoustic performing some of my Swedish songs, mainly tribute songs to the City/Places/People of Uppsala. My loving home town where live, was borned and raised. Please feel free to join these live songs on YouTube 

Nice invitation for us! We will join that Country Of Sweden gig at Bankiren in Västerås, March 3rd 10 pm. Love to see ya´ll there.
Haywireband + Zin Creek + PL & SMCB

Publicerat av Haywireband den 9 februari 2018

My City The map came to me during the work of the Uppsala album Min Stad. I saw the songs visualized in front of me. Everything that can be seen may follow an inspiration pattern for each song. Making a hand shaking analysis on the ”handwritten” words would be hopeless assignments and not so scientifically substantiated. All hand writing is created in program Paint. A rather tedious and time-consuming but nice way to create.
Feel free to walk or cycle around and discover the places on the map. Bring the music into your ears and heart. My City Uppsala is wonderfully nice and easily accessible. It’s like close to all the beauty and well-being!

What a lovely sight to see from the outskirt of SMC.

Picture by Uppsala Photographer Ernst Nilsson

West Wind Road, a lovely place to be!

The man the myth the legend. Mr Högström is one of the most inspiring and energizing person I´ve ever met. He was our host during the recording of Made In Tobo and he was the designer of the album cover. Fantastic!

This is where the action take place, in the center of the heart of SMC. This is where it all comes from. The music, the lyrics, the songs and the albums. I´m sure you heard about Americana. I call my music Swedeicana. And it´s built from an idea in my head via a guitar, voice and sometimes even harmonica to my band mates! That is a great way and the best way for me to refine my melodies and songs from seed to finished  full band versions. Enjoy!