Recorded in The Old Peoples´ House in Tobo, May 5-7th 2017. This is the first english band album after two swedish tribute albums. This is Swedeicana. A nice mix of Country, Rock, Blues, Pop and Americana. Available on all digital media, CD´s and Vinyles. Prices: CD 13$ or 130 SEK. Vinyles 20$ or 200 SEK excluding freight costs.

Here is a nice review. 

This is a translation from the Swedish newspaper UNT, Uppsala Nya Tidning, September 17.

Stefan Warnqvist is impressed by the melodies and vocals.

Uppsala Group Pelle Lundblad & Steam Mill County Band have changed their language to English. The influences of American root rock are significant, while they have also found a more distinctive character. Already on the debut album they showed their minds for strong melodies and impressive harmonies. These things have been further developed and the songs have got sharper tags, more nerve and intensity in a natural and obvious way. In a positive sense, the group sounds like they are coming straight from a foam rock club in an American small town near the desert regions. Best song ”Live A Life” Recommended!!