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Pelle Lundblad rock poet, singer&song writer from Uppsala Sweden. Born and raised in Tuna backar, a folk home building area of the highest class. Here all the kids ran, across the yards between big yellow houses, from all the orphanages that together created the story in the 1930s-40-50-60-70-80-90-2000-10-20s and still! Pelle has written more than 300 songs. Released 8 albums, 4 of them in English. It started in 2001 with a Swedish acoustic solo album @Bättre sent än aldrig! That debute gave him both attention and the award "Upplands´ artist of the week". It took until 2012 before the timing was right and Pelle released his first English solo album. @B12 its getting better! This marked the beginning and founding of his own The Steam Mill County Band. Now followed a period of live recordings interspersed with new recordings. @Steam Mill Band 2013. @Min Stad 2015. @Made in Tobo 2017. @Heartbreaking News 2019. @Double A-side 2020. Between these periods of music with the band came the solo releases @Three Little Wishes 2016 and @Landet runt 2016 and @Familjeband 2021 a Swedish melancolic album. Pelle calls his music style Swedeicana. Meaning Americana Made in Sweden. He is also the founder of WEST WIND FESTIVAL est 2018. A music festival with lots of warmth and a big heart. Where the audience and musicians meet in relaxed forms with a common interest enjoying music.  🎸❤️🎸
B12 it´s getting better!Debute English Solo Album. Recorded between August-December 2011. Released in February 2012. 13 songs in English. 4-pages Digi file CD with 13 songs including lyrics and pictures. Pelles´first English album. After 11 long years of waiting it was released. The album that came to show the way for the continued musicalization and open many new doors to a whole world of music. Influenced by favorite artists and with a distinctive songwriting Pelle went to Space Place Studios and producer Ulf Holmberg. A God gifted multi instrumentalist and producer. Together they created classics such as Back For More, Reflection Back, Waiting For My Jesus and Life Is Hard. Written in the period from his Swedish debute @Bättre sent än aldrig 10 years earlier. With that swedish solo debute Pelle was named "Artist of the Week"  There in a live broadcast of the local radio 2001 he said that the next record will be in English and will be released next year. It took ten years! That can be the case sometimes. Life comes in between and things have to be re-prioritized. But then it finally came and is still much appreciated and played diligently, @B12 it's getting better!

Three Little WishesA home studio project in EP format from 2016. Waiting for something bigger to happen. Technically implemented with an Apple iPhone, an iMac with Garage Band and some acoustic instruments. The result was above expectations, I think. Especially as there were no expectations. Just a great need to have music and release new songs from the horizon of artistic need! It turned out later that the songs were of such good quality that all three were included on the album "Made In Tobo" which was released in 2017. 

Made In ToboFirst English band album. Recorded a weekend in May 2017 live in the Old Peoples´ House in Tobo. Vinyl and CD. Including 8 songs, inner sleeve with lyrics and pictures. Including Pelles´most played songs ever ”Steamy River”, ”California” and ”Live A Life” It was with this album we woke up the music journalists with a new song language. English instead of Swedish. A local reporter asked about the new music style, ”what kind of music is it?” Pelle answered ”This is Swedeicana, Americana Made in Sweden” Some of the songs have also been on rotation in USA, England, Ireland, Germany and more.

Heartbreaking NewsA Tribute EP to Tom Petty. Recorded and released in February 2019. CD including 4 songs and all lyrics on the back of the sleeve. TTTP song and video showed more than 3k times on Facebook! The album received massive appreciation from different Tom Petty Fan Clubs in USA. The song ”A Girl Like You” have been on rotation on the Swedish Radio.

Double A-sideA single with two A-sides. Digitally released in spring 2020 for downloading files. The songs Zephyrus and Pieces Of A Man is streamed more than 2k times on Spotify!

The 21 BridgesThis is digital only release. With the very best sound quality as it was recorded. Just like the artist himself wants it to sound. The song includes a kind of rare arrangement with a warm piano / keyboard / harmonica unique sound from Pelle and his producer Markus. Written during winter 2021. A story and a tribute to bridges that connects the east and west side of the river for hundreds and hundreds of years. It also gives a thought to the poor and the homeless who have had the bridges as their only shelter against the rain and the storm.